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Road Runner Lambretta Club Imola

The History of Road Runner Lambretta Club Imola

In the wake of this "Revival", even in our area have formed some groups of Lambretta enthusiasts, that after countless Lambretta attendance at national meetings, gatherings of FISCA (Italian Federation Scooter Clubs Associates), Mod Rallies, and trips "On the Road ", founded in 1994, the Road Runner Lambretta Club Romagna ...

Mez e Daniele 1993 One late afternoon of the same year, returning from a Lambretta Club of Emilia-Romagna Rally , Daniele and me, after a long gestation period of several months before, "give birth" the idea of forming our Scooter Club, even a club of only Lambrettas.

Mez e Daniele 1993 Standing at the petrol station which still lies on the Via Emilia in Castelbolognese before the intersection for Riolo Terme, we begin to sketch the name for the club ...After an hour of delirium and insults each other, we found that Road Runner was the right choice, just because both loved the little bird of the American deserts and no one could better represent the desire to grind and live the road with our inseparable Lambrettas! The problems started when we had to decide if it should be called Lambretta Club Imola or Faenza, since I live in Imola and Daniele in Faenza; agreement was reached that the club would be Road Runner Lambretta Club Romagna!

So we happily went back home . Imola, in this case, was more receptive than Faenza concerning new members, so immediately the following year the Club had its current name. The party official inauguration, which took place one year after the foundation, with the presentation of the mythical App@Down headquarters in Imola,and following the scooter run to Dozza, was also attended by Enzo Cremonini, important figure and founder of the Lambretta Club Imola at the end of Fifties.

Hermes e Luciano The picture taken in front of the Rocca Sforzesca at Imola during the official inauguration in 1995, depicts the first line-up of the club. In the afternoon, scooter cruising towards the beautiful medieval town of Dozza was definitely one of the day highlights for all Road Runners, and the beginning of an adventure that over time has been increasingly strengthened, thanks to increasing affluence of new members.

Fabio e Foz The first Rally at which the Road Runner LC participate officially, is the 2nd Meeting of the Duchi Estensi S.C. Ferrara, organized in the lovely town resort of Santa Bianca di Bondeno ... 40 C degrees in the shade, 95% humidity, mosquitoes profusion, but for Roddies, will become a regular event every year until the last edition! Unforgettable the encounters on Route Adriatic with friends Smart Drivers of Rimini, who saw us arrive en masse in Santa Bianca!

Hermes e LucianoCountless the Rallies we attended all over Italy: in 1996 we get to officially kick off the FISCA National Association of Italian Scooter Clubs, so we used to attend all events organized by the World Lambretta Club, Lambretta Club d'Italia , Lambretta Club Emilia-Romagna, the inevitable Easter INTERNATIONAL MOD RALLY in Rimini , also began to attend rallies organized by other Scooter Clubs.

1997 is particularly important for the Club: the time was ripe to organize a rally of our own ...1st Road Runner L.C. Rally sees the light in fact a pleasant hillside town 15 km from Imola, Fontanelice, which for many years will remain imprinted in the minds and hearts of many scooter enthusiasts.

Lambrette in piazza a Dozza The festive atmosphere, the wonderful Conca Verde Disco set in the River Canyon Santerno, have decreed the success of this Rally for many other editions in the years to come. In 1999 we decide to change location, and organize for the first time on our usual Rally with friends Green Onions SC Siena, Italian scooter veterans of the scene, always at Appennini Mountains between Tuscany and Romagna, in Casola Valsenio. Except from the rain, which was the leitmotif of the weekend, the rally was well managed with great attendance of scooters.

Fabio e Foz
Another important date in the history of the club, is 2001, when the Road Runner LC is able to obtain after a year of negotiations with the City of Imola and the local Town Council, the ability to enter and run with the scooters inside the Enzo e Dino Ferrari Formula One Racetrack ! An event for Lambrettas and Vespas no longer happened since 1968, the year the racetrack hosted the Motogiro of Italy.

An effort rewarded by the largest turnout of Lambrettas and Vespas that a Road Runner Rally have ever seen! ... over 280 scooters from all over Italy and Europe have invaded the paddock and the track at Imola to the astonishment of those present! See young, old (Storai, former president Lambretta Club of Tuscany, who loses the exhaust on track and go back and take it!), Lambrettas and Vespas more or less tuned giving an engine full throttle on the track, tears of joy (Sharon from Glasgow !?), was the greatest satisfaction for all of us in the club.

Hermes ed Elena - 1996 Francesca a Rimini - 1996 Road Runner Lambretta Club Imola - 1996 Mez a Rimini - 1996